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L+R Weep Screed™ - Designed for Moisture Control

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What L+R Weep Screed does:

  • It is the only metal termination on the market that is specifically designed to accommodate a rain screen drainage plane material and "weep."
  • Forms the bottom edge of the scratch coat and the bottom edge of the thin-set mortar.
  • Large 1" slots, placed frequently along bottom edge provide favorable egress points for moisture to exit thin veneer wall system.

How to install L+R Weep Screed*

  • Install below foundation plate line - a minimum of four inches above the earth.
  • Make sure WRB, Sure Cavity, metal lath, and scratch coat all go inside the L+R Weep Screed.

Ordering and Shipping Information

Product Number LR 3501
Piece Length (Feet) 8
Units per Tube 20
Linear Feet per Tube160

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

L+R Weep Screed Specifications

Made of Recycleable Materials26 gauge galvanized steel bent into 70° V shape. Vertical attachment flange - 3.5" (89 mm), Short leg - 1 1/32" (26.19mm), ground - 0.5" (13 mm), bonding slots 1" (25 mm) punched 1.75" (44 mm) apart, 8 ft long.

Product Cutsheet: Download Product Cut Sheet

Google SketchUp 3D Model: Download Product Model from 3D Warehouse

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