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Gravity Cavity™ Rainscreen Drainage Plane

GC1816, GC1832
Gravity Cavity Images

What Gravity Cavity does:

  • Gravity Cavity™ rainscreen drainage plane can be used in most thin veneer wall details. It is appropriate behind a wide variety of veneers including stucco, thin brick, thin stone, full brick, full stone, and most cladded sidings.
  • easy to apply
  • extremely durable and will not crush or crack
  • with cladded sidings, it prevents waviness and nail drive-through
  • made from 96% post-industrial recycled high-impact polystyrene making it very durable and environmentally friendly
  • increases sustainability by eliminating entrapped moisture in the building envelope
  • saves energy by protecting insulation

How to install Gravity Cavity*

  • Gravity Cavity™ is applied over the construction paper/WRB.
  • Position the Gravity Cavity drainage plane with the spunbond polypropylene fabric facing the weather and wrapped under the bottom of the first course of Gravity CavityTM for a bug screen.
  • On the following courses, the fabric skirt should overlap the top of the course directly beneath it. Only the fabric overlaps the course below (the top of the lower corrugated polystyrene sheet abuts the bottom of the upper corrugated polystyrene sheet). Lightly tack/staple the Gravity Cavity as you roll it out. Metal lath and veneer will hold the Gravity Cavity in place.
  • View Product Video above to watch installation process in a Thin Veneer application.

Ordering and Shipping Information

Product NumberGC 1816GC 1832
Square Feet per Roll100200
Roll Length (Feet)7676
Roll Width (Inches)15.7531.5
Channel Depth1/8" / 3.25mm1/8" / 3.25mm
Rolls per Box2N/A
Boxes per Pallet20N/A
Rolls per Pallet4032
Square Feet per Pallet40006400
Pallet Size48" x 40" x 77"48" x 48" x 77"

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Gravity Cavity Specifications

Made of Recycleable Materials0.024"(0.6mm) thick, high impact polystyrene sheets. They are formed with corrugations and a spunbond polypropylene fabric on one side with a 4" (102mm) skirt on one edge. Master Format: 04-05-23.19; 07-05-00 CSI: 04090, 04050, 07050, 07100, 07260.

Product Cutsheet: Download Product Cut Sheet | Download MSDS

Google SketchUp 3D Model: Download Product Model from 3D Warehouse

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