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Moisture Diverter™

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What Moisture Diverter does:

  • It stops moisture and diverts it to either side and away from moisture-sensitive wall details.
  • It answers a critical need above wall openings.

How to install Moisture Diverter*

  • Position Moisture Diverter above wall openings (window, door, etc.) immediately above, but not in contact with, mounting flanges or flashing systems.
  • Make Moisture Diverter watertight against moisture resistant coatings on masonry or poured concrete walls.
  • Install flashing and overlap WRB shingle-fashion on framed wall.
  • Install Moisture Diverter with 1/4 inch to 1' slope-to-drain.
  • Moisture Diverter must extend a minimum of 4” past window mounting flange or window trim boards on both sides of window.

Ordering and Shipping Information

Product NumberDS 2858
Piece Length (Feet)4
Units per Tube25
Linear Feet per Tube100

Contact MTI at 1-800-879-3348 for specific cost to your destination.

Moisture Diverter Specifications

Made of Recycleable Materials24 gauge galvanized steel 2.5" wide and 4' long; bent into a V shape with one leg 0.625" long and one leg 1.875" long and an angle of 65°.

Product Cutsheet: Download Product Cut Sheet

Google SketchUp 3D Model: Download Product Model from 3D Warehouse

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