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Why MTI "True Channel" Rainscreen Technology?

True Channel Rainscreen drainage plane or drainage mat

MTI is the only manufacturer of rainscreen drainage plane (drainage mat) and weeps that feature “True Channel” rainscreen technology. These channels conduct water in a straight line, the fastest route out of the building envelope. So what’s the True Channel Advantage?

  • Our products don’t compress under pressure
  • They install just as quickly and as easily as other roll-on products
  • We are the innovator of an attached spunbond fabric layer to prevent clogging
  • Our channels promote better air movement in the rainscreen building envelope
  • Designed by a former mason and moisture management expert
  • MTI products were specifically designed to fight moisture trapped in the rainscreen building envelope
  • Vertical channels that move the water quickly from top of wall to bottom of wall
  • The recycled drainage plane material is perforated to add cross-ventilation and to keep it from becoming an ill-placed vapor barrier

The key element is predictability! MTI rainscreen drainage planes, weeps and accessories – The Better Choice in Rainscreen Drainage for building envelope moisture management! However, don’t just take our word for it, Independent Testing results and Evaluation Reports on our Sure Cavity™ rainscreen drainage plane support these claims.

MTI Interactive House for Rainscreen Moisture Management Moisture Management at Top of Window moisture management at bottom of window Inset Window Moisture Management Moisture Management at Top of Thin Veneer Wall Moisture Management in a Thin Stone to Stucco Moisture Management Detail Moisture Management in Thin Veneer Sidewall to Roof Cladding to Top-Vented Wall Moisture Management in Cladding to Thin Stone Veneer Moisture Management at Bottom of Window Moisture Management Above Window in Cladded Wall Detail Moisture Management in Cladding to Top-Vented Wall Detail Moisture Management Beneath Shingles Full Stone or Thin Stone Top Vented Stopped at Soffit Moisture Management Beneath Window in Full Brick Detail Horizontal Moisture Management Moisture Management Bottom of Brick Wall Interior Below Grade Moisture Management Stucco Run to Grade Moisture Management Detail

Interactive Rainscreen Moisture Management Guide

MTI has many rainscreen building envelope moisture management details available. We designed the Interactive House to help you narrow those choices. Each raindrop is a clickable hotspot that reveals a detail with associated resources for managing moisture in that location of the building envelope.

Once clicked, you can access:

Improve sustainability and reduce energy costs by using the right rainscreen building envelope moisture management products from MTI!

Commercial & Residential Rainscreen Moisture Management Products: "Drainable is Sustainable!"

Sure Cavity Rainscreen Drainage Plane True Channel TechnologyThere are many reasons to choose MTI rainscreen moisture management products, but let’s focus on three: 
. An effective rainscreen drainage plane (drainage mat) must get the water out quickly.  Even a small amount of water left in the building envelope for a period of time can lead to mold and rot. 
2. Does the company you are dealing with now manufacture the rainscreen drainage plane and other rainscreen drainage products they are selling?  Do they offer a system, or just drainage plane (drainage mat)?  Do they work with you to design a custom rainscreen drainage system to effectively manage building envelope moisture in your unique project? 
. The price - MTI costs less!  MTI has a full range of rainscreen drainage plane products including an economy drainage plane model, Gravity Cavity™, made from the same recycled material as our Sure Cavity™ rainscreen drainage plane. View the MTI Solutions movie see how our rainscreen drainage products solve building envelope moisture management problems in all areas of the building envelope.

"True Channel" Rainscreen is Better Technology!

The websites of most drainage mat manufacturersFibrous Drainage Mat Issues (and resellers) define their drainage mat products as a core of entangled filaments. In theory a drainage mat of entangled filaments can create a space behind a veneer and in front of the backup wall. But there are two inherent problems with this type of material. First, these entangled fibrous drainage mat products can be compressed, reducing the volume of the space behind the veneer and creating the potential for waviness on the veneer’s facade. Second, entangled fibers are not conducive to rapid drainage. That’s why they make good scrub pads—they hang on to some of the water and the soap! View Animation of Fibrous Drainage Mat Issues.

MTI = Best Price & Support on Rainscreen Products

No other manufacturer in the rainscreen drainage plane business can offer better support or better pricing than MTI.  We are the only company in the rainscreen drainage business that designs and produces complete rainscreen drainage systems for building envelope moisture management.  We are the only company in the industry that custom designs systems for your unique building project.  Finally, our new "economy" rainscreen drainage plane product, Gravity Cavity, drains effectively yet costs less than any other drainage plane - drainage mat on the market today!

Give us a call today! We guarantee you’ll talk to a real person dedicated to giving you the best in service and product!

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